Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who I Am, What I Love, How I Got Here

I’m nourished and inspired by the process of facilitating body/mind integration.

I love yoga, movement, massage, hula-hoops…pretty much anything that engages my body.

I also love to travel. Early on, travel got me really excited about exploring the unknown. I used to think I would have to journey off to far away lands to “discover myself" more fully and  experience deep connection with others. Now I feel blessed to know I can travel inside my body anytime and explore that same "connective tissue."

I enjoy working with people who are willing to dive in deep and explore the relationship between what’s happening in their body and what’s happening in their life. I believe this takes courage and courageous people inspire me to keep unfolding the depth of my own experience.

You know the saying, “the more I learn the less I know” …for me it feels like: “the more I learn, the less I want to know.” Some things just feel unknowable and I like that.

I’m not here to fix or change you. I don’t want to tell you who to be or how to go about transforming your world. I trust that you have a sense of what’s best for you somewhere inside and it is my intention to help you illuminate your wisdom, your truth and when necessary, your remedies.

I came to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in 2007, after nearly a decade of practicing yoga asana. A friend suggested I try a session, she sensed I would like it although I had absolutely not idea what “it” was. Like most people, I went to yoga to stretch and relieve stress, it was an anchor in my world but I had no idea how or why it worked for me, I just went to yoga class because it felt good!
What I experienced in my first PRYT session catapulted me into an entirely new way of being, in body, mind and spirit. That’s the best way I can describe it. It transformed me and allowed me to connect to the root of who I am and I how I want to be. It reconnected me with my body and taught me an entirely new language (which I felt like I already knew but had somehow lost along the way).

I left my first session with a strong intention to share this work. I wanted to learn how to facilitate that deep sense of connection for other people. This lead to several years of training including 300 hours of yoga teacher certification and 650 hours of immersion in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I believe this is an ever-evolving journey and continue to immerse myself in various teachings and trainings. Most recently, I've embarked on the study and practice of Thai Yoga Massage.

My private practice is in Central Austin. Born and raised in Colorado, I never thought I would call Texas home but I feel blessed to be here and grateful share this work within a beauitful community.

If you are curious to learn more about me or the services I offer, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

With Love,


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