Thursday, January 20, 2011


If you've seen my website, then you've witnessed the beautiful work of two incredible artists.

I am so grateful to have had Alina Prax grace this project with her eye, her heart and her beautiful photography skills. When she came to my studio to snap some shots of the space and my work, it felt like a fresh breeze danced its way into the room. With an effortless ease, Alina picked up on the essence of this work and my intention to share it. Like many people, I'm quite camera shy. There is a sense of vulnerability in being "snapped" or "exposed" through the lens of what can sometimes feel like an impersonal machine. This was not at all the case with sweet Alina. Without being staged or diluted, each shot was gently coaxed to the surfaced and what emerged was the pure artistry of integrity in digital form. Thank you Alina for this wonderful gift! If you would like to find out more about Alina, her work and her gifts, visit her website:

The second artist I would like to speak of is someone I find more difficult to describe with words. There is an intangible essence that defines the love I have for this particular artist and "gratitude" doesn't quite capture the scope of the feeling I would like to express. I could say that the website itself wouldn't have ever been possible without the person who designed it (which he did). But the truth is that Brent (my best-friend, my love, my partner) is nothing less than the foundation upon which everything in my life has and will continue to flourish. Brent breathes art in every breath and in that way, inspires me to create and share of my heART. If the light we see in others is truly a reflection of our own inner light, then I consider myself extremely blessed to live under the lamp of this man who shines so bright and reminds me to do the same. Thank you RBH for your all of your expressions of love.

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